August Favourites.


Happy New Month .. can you believe we only have 3 more months then the year is over where has the time gone, but hey we still have 3 months so lets make it count.

I really enjoyed the month of August , so many great things happened I got my first apartment which my hubby and I will move into in a few weeks Eeeeek so excited and many more, but I also loved my purchases especially the ones below.

Real Technique brushes I have the set  4 and these two are my favourite, my make-up  looks smooth and flawless ever since I began using these, plus I love how soft they are against my skin. I am not a beauty Guru but I know everyone was hyping about them and I now understand why ..It  stepped up my barely there make up game.

 I must confess that don't wear make up as much because I actually like my skin, it has taken 5 years so be able to go out without makeup and still feel confident . When I was in my teens I would never leave the house without foundation as I had spots and blemishes and had to cover them up. But now I have embraced the blemishes and working on getting rid of them , but I hardly cover up as I like it. That's how I felt until I saw these 16-18 year old girls with flawless contoured makeup and I kind of felt jealous as they were pretty with their dolled face LOL crazy I know but went back home and watched a few Youtube videos on makeup contouring  and I think I will try it out with these new brushes.I will beusing the Slick palette ,which I forgot to take a picture of :/ .

Don't get me wrong I love a natural look ,but sometimes its ok to put on your face & be a new person.. not sure if that makes sense but it does to me ..x

 Eyebrows ,EYEBROWS ..some of the things I see on girls ..Yes you know what I am talking about they are bad right ?LOL.  I really have no eyebrow hair as my hair is very thin and basically it looks like I have no eyebrows & I never wanted to draw mine on as it just didn't look right for me to have thick black caterpillar brows when I have nothing LOL.

Kiko|Precision Eyebrow pencil |Colour 2

My friend took me to KIKO and had the lady lightly draw some on me and TADAH- I don't look like I have no eyebrows anymore.This is the pencil I use and I love it as it matched my hair colour too #winning

 Jojoba &Shea Butter Hair Masque
sorry its blurry.

The Jojoba hair mask smells sooo good, and leaves the hair feeling soft and manageable. It also gives the scalp a tingly sensation, which I love as it stimulates hair growth.I also have the hair conditioner its a pamper for the hair. I really like how my hair feels and so far my hair is loving it it's not as dry as it was before, did I also tell you it smells good ? yes it does try it ..x

Lipstick ,pencil &Lip Tint

 Lipstick| Christian Breton |Violet
KikoLipGloss | Colour 118
Kiko lip Pencil| Colour 712
Chubby Jelly| Pink

 I love these mixed together, shame I haven't got a picture of how it looks (minus the lip gloss) they work well together and on for almost 4 hours. I say 4  because last weekend I went to a wedding and lets just say the food took forever to arrive and i began licking and biting my lips & when the food came I was eating and drinking &forgot to retouch but it lasted for a while ..x

That's it for my August Favourites , I hope you enjoyed reading. I enjoyed taking these pictures but I hate how the quality is not the same as it looks on my camara and laptop. How do you guys keep ypur pictures looking so crisp and sharp without quality being lost & what were your monthly favourites? 

Have a great day ...x


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