Meditation .


Hey Guys ... how is your new year going?

Mine started out great but erm lets just say I had slipped up but I have starting again,  because its normal to fall back to the old routine and give up, but apparently it takes up to *65 days to create a new habit , so keep going Don't give up . 

One of the of things I had really wanted to do this year was WAKING UP EARLY & MEDITATE.

Meditate, Yes Meditate I try for at least 30 minutes in the morning, it just allows be to think about all the things I want to happen during the day and also just mentally prepares me for the day. We also see in Anime and Manga when the main character meditates they come out stronger & better than they were before so I did my research to see how it can help me.

There are many reasons why people meditate and all the wonderful health benefits but these are some of the reasons why I do it. I am only at beginners level so can only say what is have experienced in these few weeks.

Focus on the day ahead

I have found when I sit still in the morning for about 10 minutes I can think everything I am meant to achieve today and when I get to work I am on the ''Roll'' because I know what to expect and I am ready to face the challenges the day has. 


I am one of those people who I guess who worry so much about things, but for these last weeks I can say I am more chilled out, small matters that I don't have control over don't worry me anymore. I have 


 When things that don't really matter stop bothering you, I feel like I can now focus on the important task at hand. I have more energy and high drive to work hard and achieve my goals.

Good nights sleep

You know when you are really tired but your brain just wont shut down , I can say that's a thing of the past for me. I can sleep like a baby because before my brain wouldn't shut down due to me thinking of all the things I didn't do and begin stressing on how much I need to do , but now I have peace of mind because I will have achieved everything that I wanted to do during the day.

There are many other benefits on meditation & how they can work for you, but this is what I have discovered for myself , it may not necessarily be the same for you. Do your own research & do whats best for you.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and hope you are achieving your goals you have set out to do All the best ..x 

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  1. I wish that I could mediate every day, but it's getting pretty tough... I can barely manage my schedule lol I used to mediate once a week, but the habit is gone T_at Looking at your post gives me motivation to start again!!

    1. You can do it Jenny, just keep trying, let me know how it goes ..X

  2. Wow! Great Post and Great tips! ^^ Thanks for sharing~

    Would you like to support each other by follow on GFC & G+?
    Please Let me know if you follow me and I’ll follow back!

    Love xx
    Official Seol ♥

    1. Thank you for reading the post , sure I shall follow.

  3. OMG I haven't seen you on my reading list in ages and I've missed reading your anime related posts! :O I can't meditate to save my life, I get too fidgety and have to move haha :P This is such an inspiring and motivating post, keep these coming! Thanks for sharing ^^

    1. Haha I used to struggle too , I am now used to it , just focus on the breathing and positive vibes and good thoughts of the day 😊

  4. That is a great way to start the year :D
    As for myself I've been eating junk and working :/ *sighs*
    But a good break from that in 2 weeks time so cannot wait :P

    ♥ lazypandah blog (✪㉨✪)♥

    1. Ohh that's good, what fun things will you be doing on your Break?

  5. I've tried meditating so many times, even used it as an excuse to buy a cute pillow.. :D But it's not really for me. I like sleeping though!


    1. hahaha I agree sleep should be form of meditation, when having a bad day,taking a nap, the waking up & the situations that were stressing you have vanished :D.


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