Secret Kiss Chubby Jelly Tint Pack (Review)


Liptints...I know I am late and everyone has been using them for ages, but I have just discovered the Korean brands and styles of lip tints.

I quickly jumped onto amazon and eBay and bought at few. Today I will be reviewing only on the 
Secret Kiss Chubby Jelly Tint Pack. I was so excited to try it out and was hoping the colour would suit me.

I am not really into the bright colours and into red lips unless its a date with hubby
 (trying to be all grown and sexy) , but I do love pink. So I bought this lip tint in Lovely Pink.

When I first applied the tint, I realised its better to use my fingers as it made the application less messy, and less patchy on the lips. 

I do love the packaging, and the colour , but it wasn't pink enough , it looked more towards the red side, maybe its looking that way on me as I am a black girl , but hmm not sure I wanted it to be pink but its ok .. not too bright so its ok for me to use when going to work.

I must say that the waiting time for the tint to dry  then peel is too long... Honestly. I was trying hard not to talk or make my lips touch whilst it was drying, on the other hand its fun to peel it off. 

Another thing that didn't like about this was that I had to apply the tint 3 times to get this colour. It takes too much product to achieve the look I desired & most days I don't have the time to be re applying the tint when I'm in a rush to get to work.

Overall ..I love the packaging  and enjoy the peeling process but if i was to rate it out of 5 ..I would give it a 2.5 .

Thats it for today guys thanks for reading ..x 

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