Ways of Learning Japanese - Hiragana and Katakana.


Have you ever wondered what ありがと mean or what it would be like to watch Anime without Subtitles? Well here is a way of learning Japanese, in a fast and enjoyable way.I use  these methods and they are really fun , you forget you are studying . So the first method is


Yes YouTube you can hear stories on how other people have done it, and they can give you hints and tips. As silly as this might sound you can start from beginner level which is learning the nursery rhymes to learn the basics such as the alphabet, numbers and days of the week. 
(Just type in learn Japanese into YouTube and begin your journey to learning.) 

Yes unfortunately you have to study at some point. Hiragana and Katakana, they are the basic and foundation of the language so using books will really help you write and read.  I received this book as a gift at Christmas , and it's very helpful. I have seen other people on Instagram highly recommending it so get it.

You can buy books from Amazon, WHSmith or even look in libraries. 

Learn Hiragana and Katakana is using technology. 

(These apps can be found on the App store) 
Using your smart phone is one other way of having fun while learning. Download some apps that you can use on the go to keep up with Hiragana and Katakana. 

Perfect for those long train rides, or waiting for your friends, or when you have not studied using the book, you can use the apps. They are smart phones for a reason so use them as much as possible.

Watch anime,or Japanese drama
try and listen to the language rather than focus on the sub- titles. You can also listen to J-Pop (Japanese pop music) that’s also a way of picking up words. 

Listen to Japanese people speaking, and ask to join in the conversation.Do a language exchange. 
There are many people of all ages who would like to learn English and they can be found on varies web- site. This is one of the language exchange website that is very popular for people wanting to learn Japanese. 

The language exchange website easy to use and absolutely free. You add a post of what you are looking for what you are looking for and interact with people there, then you can either exchange the language over Skype or other ways such as social media. I currently have a language exchange friend and we meet up and go movies and and we recently went to watch BIG HERO 6 together :) she is wonderful and we have so much fun together. We have met up a few times and had hot chocolate and just got to know each other more.

On the other hand you may not be able to meet us but you can Skype, or use Line Messenger and talk there. 

I use this app a lot more with my Japanese Pen pals and they tell me what they are doing and I practice writing Hiragana and Katakana with them.

Although this may work for some people, it may not work for everyone, as we all have different styles of learning. Those are some of the basic easy way so learn. 
Have fun learning, don’t stress too much, if you start stressing over it and adding too much pressure on yourself you will end up hating it and not wanting to learn. 

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