Milllennium Snow


Konnichiwa Mina , (こんにちはみなさん) Hello everyone.

''Because Humans are weak!!''

I recently have been reading the manga called Millennium snow. After finishing my exams I saw this manga in WHSmiths and looked really interesting, shame I couldn’t buy it as I was so broke but hey that’s what the internet is for.

Millennium snow basically it is about a girl who suffers from heart problems and has been told by doctors she will not live to see the next snowfall called Chiyuki. One night she sees a boy falling from the rooftop of the hospital and runs to see if he is OK. She arrives and sees the boy unharmed (as you do from jumping off tall buildings lol )and she finds out his name is Touya and well he can live to be 1000 years , because he is a Vaaaampire!!!!

Chiyuki offers to let Touya drink her blood as he can live to be 1000 and so will  she but Toya looks down on humans as he sees them to be weaklings and he vows to never drink their blood.  So will the Chiyuki live to see another birthday or snowfall? Or will the non blood drinking vampire save her? Get the book and find out!

Chiyuki and Touya have a great chemistry and funny moments together which is great to see their friendship grow. One thing I would have liked to be better is the art . Honestly I think that the art was good but for a Vampire you would have expected him to look more attractive/ dangerous, just the whole graphics to me where a big letdown :(

Miss Animanga says: Personally I enjoyed reading the manga at the beginning, but as I got further into story I began to struggle because the storyline is very similar to Twilight the film. I really tried to separate the two but I kept seeing Edward and Bella.
Bella and Edward remind me of Touya and Chiyuki :/
Overall if you can separate the two then this manga is for you.

Hotties factors   .hmmmm well if I’m brutally honest... There are 0% hot characters: / sorry.

That about it for today guys see you all soon.
Love Missanimanga ….x

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