Tonari No Seko-Kun


If you thought you were bored at school and you knew how to kill time .. Then be prepared to meet your new rival.

"You really should be paying attention in class you know"

Tonari no seki-kun is the latest series of short anime on chruchyroll. Based on a student who is so bored during lessons that he plays games ..but the girl who sits next to him always seems to interfere with everything.

The anime is short but worth it. It starts with the first period which is History and the main charector decides he would rather play dominos than pay attention. So he gets out his toys and starts playing.
The girl's facial expression are hilarious throughout the episode as she is shocked to see him playing dominos. 
 Anyway the bored student starts put them in order and the girl is so into watching him play that she fogets she is meant to be paying attention and the teacher asks her to read from the book. Whilst getting up she knocks the table an the dominos begin to fall.. I'm sure you can see he is not amused

This chick almost ruined my work!!

Anyway in the end she is again caught not paying attention and she tries to snitch on the dude for playing with the dominos , but he quickly removes all the evidence and acts all innocent 
Hides the evidence like a boss !!Anyway it's a very funny and quirky anime, brings back memories of high school & I guess shows you how to pass time.

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