Hyper Japan


Hyper Japan .. * exhales * I know I am two weeks late , but here is my review of the event.

On Saturday the 11th my hubby and I went to the O2 in London for the event and we were both  so excited and it was our  first time going there.
I was so happy that I chose to  go to the 3.00pm start because we were so tired, from travelling and we got there we had to wait in the Looooong line just to enter. 

I think we were waiting for about an hour 30mins to get inside , in the baking sun I truly wished I carried an umbrella, but then we finally got inside the building and I was so excited ,until I need the bathroom and found myself in another long line, wishing I was a guy because the men's toilets seemed to be empty as they could walk in and out but we had to wait .. another 30 mins.

 I was tired of standing  and I was STARVING  & I get extra cranky when I'm hungry. We had brunch before we left so by 5 when we got into the arena  plus I needed the toilet lmaoo not a very good situation I honestly felt sorry for my hubby.

My excitement level had dropped to maybe 30% because i was tired... just when they were about to drop to about 20% ... thats when I saw it ...

sorry guys but my face wasn't on point.

I was so happy I pulled my hubby to take a picture, then we took some together, then continued further into the arena. 

Again it felt like christmas , all the cosplays  and the smell of food really lifted my spirit. 

After a while I got too hungry and had to join another line for the food... but this was ok because the reward was going to be worth it.

I was happy once i had my food, but honestly too tired to do anything else. The hubby and I decided to go back and If Im honest I didn't enjoy it as much as I would have liked to.. I was just to tired.

Will I go back again next year .. Yes I will be 
Despite the bad things I enjoyed the atmosphere and the food.. I have no regrets about spending money on food.. I do wish I bought other things.. (major regrets).

I did go back home feeling very down.. but when we got back to a family friends house.. well hubby had a surprise for me which I think I will share with you guys . Just keep your eyes peeled on Instagram. 

Did you enjoy your first experience at Hyper Japan? Let me know .. and thanks for reading ..x 

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