Stepping into Summer.


Summer is finally upon us .. then again this is England it's guaranteed not to last so I have to make the most of it.  Nothing excites me more than getting out the short skirts and maxi dresses and just the sun rays being absorbed by my skin. I’ve been eagerly awaiting it now to plan out what amazing memories I shall create this summer. I love this time of year because I enjoy taking long walks being outside surrounded by nature and catching glimpses of the beautiful flowers blossoming, the clean and crisp air and everything seems more cheerful and wonderful.

                      H&M Skirt  | | TKMAXX Shoes | L.Credi  Bag | ZARA Leather Jacket |

I would be lying if I said I had a style forecast for this spring/summer, as I don't have any style I am, more of wear whatever goes and if its cute and a little sophisticated then I will wear it

I guess I am currently loving Neutrals and a pop of colour.

I love small earrings and headbands just to add to the girly look. 
BTW I don't usually take walks dressed like that , during the weekend I had to go get my phone fixed at the apple store, but they gave me a 3 hour waiting period , so I had 3 hours to kill off . We went and got lunch which was burger king and honestly I felt bad as I am trying to eat healthy. The struggle is real, so we decided to get smoothies instead to have after our greasy meal.

I always notice that whenever I'm with my boyfriend we we order sometimes the same food his always tastes better than mine :/ . So I end up having his food all the time :)

We came across this park and we just started taking pictures & enjoying the scenery. After those 3 hours we went back and they said it would take another 2 hours or they can give me a new phone so I took it and went home.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and the pictures there shall be more coming soon. 

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