3CE Nail Polish.


As soon as I see the Postman's red Van , I am always anticipating either my snail mail or packages. Honestly I am a like a kid at christmas and the Postman is Santa :)

I bought some stuff online a few weeks ago & they finally arrived.One of the products I was excited about was the 3CE nail polish. 

I saw a great review on the brand from 

and i just had to try them out.

Nail Polish..... hmm I am one of those girls who doesn't really enjoying getting manicures and  pedicures I just don't like sitting still for more than 5 minutes getting my nails done , I rather take a nap or do something else, but I do enjoy doing my own nails...... 5 minutes & its over.

I honestly love the colour pink when it comes to lipsticks &Nail polish it just looks so nice
girly so I had to buy the 3CE nail polish in 2 different shades of pink.

PK11 Lenshouse|PK01 Lenshouse.

I love the colours and I think the packaging and design is so simple &cute, the colour just stands out.

This is what they look like  with the Flash on, sorry for the uneven and messy look, I did say it takes me 5 minutes.

I applied 3 coats and I was happy with the results. I am loving this brand so will be buying more.

These pictures were taken , next to a wide open window & my camera was on flash, so the colour is much brighter on here than it truly is.

Im sure when applied properly the results are amazing. The bright colours are perfect for spring don't you think?

I will be posting a review on the other things I bought soon.

I hope you enjoyed this post thanks for reading & have a great day....x

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