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Hey Guys... Congradulations to many of you that will be going to university in a few months. 

 So what can you expect?

I think many people are convinced that Uni is all fun, drinking.. clubbing, staying up late watching anime/ netflix a lot of free time... Yes that is partly true... but I find that there is more to Uni than that. 
My cousin is going to Uni and she has been texting me questions that I think that will benefit others too, this is my personal experience and we are all different but maybe you might find something interesting and learn something.

Below are a list of questions and answers to some questions.

What to expect

Hmm to be honest I went with no expectations, I just took it as a new chapter and I was writing the story as I went along. If you are gong to a different city, that's great it means you get to see a different part of the country and more to see and do. Expect to be confused, expect Maps, leaflets being thrown at you, expect to be overwhelmed , tired and homesick, but also expect to have lots of fun and new friends.
  One tip to remember is that Everyone is nervous as you.

they all want to make friends so be open minded and just start from the days of lectures. make friends with the one you are sitting next to.

Relationships ( Boyfriend and Girlfriend)

Are you in a relationship  but both moving to different cities to study? Worried that your relationship wont last whilst apart? Well it depends on the relationship, what I mean by that is if  you are both committed to each other, trust each other  then your relationship will be fine. My fiance and I were long distancing for a year as I was in work full time and could get certain days off.. and he was in lectures all day , so I could 2 days off during the week and work weekend when he was free, but we would Skype and talk all the time. It was hard honestly but it made our relationship stronger.
TIP* If you both want it to work will. 


You might be wondering about your current best friends.. will you still be friends when you are in different places? Well again if you all want it to work it will. I personally am not friends with the girls I went to college/ 6 form with. We grew apart and honestly I made better friends. I do see them but I guess we just grew apart and that's ok. University tests friendships and also creates new ones.



There will be LOADDDSS of parties and you will get invited... especially Freshers week, drinks are cheap, free entry and the nightlife is awesome (depends on the city/town) many people will be going out even your class mates or housemates. Go have fun , but know your limits.  I personally didn't enjoy the night life where I studied and honestly I am not a clubbing fan, yes I will go when it's friends birthdays , but I realized early that the clubs are not for me , I am not a heavy drinker , and I can have fun without getting drunk. I really was not into getting so drunk that I cant walk , or waking up in strangers bed errrm NO NO thanks I'm not about that life lol . The last time I went to a club it put me off completely, these guys began fighting and threw a table ....Never again hahaha  so yes expect fights in clubs as people are DRUNK and people react differently to alcohol.

Rules & Hygiene

If you are sharing a house or apartment you might share the kitchen, sitting area, toilets and sometime bedrooms. I advise you to discuss this first thing when you meet your house mates because IT WILL GET MESSY. Lay out some rules on food, and cleaning because remember everyone is different come from different backgrounds so its best to know where you all stand on hygiene. My first year was horrible because the girls I shared with were really messy , like only 2 knew how to clean after themselves, we shared a shower and honestly I was grossed out because the other girls just were not clean, the shower was slimy, lets say for the rest of the year I showered at my boyfriends place and also eat my meals there it was really bad.


I am sure that everyone knows that you will have to study , and please don't leave things till last minute .. I will get into details later on, just remember that you are there to study and chase your dreams ..x

Take time out 

Take time to know yourself , remember why you are at uni, yes it may be fun and games but you are getting into debt so make it worth it leave with a degree you will be proud of and make awesome memories.



They day you receive your loan I personally paid all my bills from rent to mobile phone, the reminder of the money I split it into three , 3 piggy banks, one for rainy days, the other everyday needs such as trains , food clothes and the other I called  super Rainy days when I have no food left lol

That'ts all I can think of right now , but remember

* Chose your friends wisely, its ok to have fun but if your friends party 95 % of the time and rest of the time then that's going to be an issue at the end.

 *Get advise about things from the people who have gone through it, ask the 2nd years or 3rd years for help.
*3 piggy banks
*Set time to study
*DO NOT Procrastinate
*Pay bills first.. you don't want to spend all your money on clothes then forget about your rent where will you live for 3 months?

I hope you found this post to be helpful.

Recommended anime : GOLDEN TIME, all about University life.

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