Is Social Media making you Sad?


Hey Lovelies ... 

Do you ever look around you and feel like EVERYONE  is doing something with their life and has something going on , but you don't?

 Well you are not the only one. A few months back .. hmm about 6 month ago I was feeling like really sad because people my age are either traveling around the world, working full time in amazing jobs, living alone and  basically doing everything that I am not.  This really got me down and felt like a HUGE FAILURE . 

One day in my despair, I was lying on my bed sulking and guess what .. flicking through INSTAGRAM..FACEBOOK,& TWITTER and suddenly realized that my source of sadness was coming from social media and to be honest I was jealous of everyone .. (sad but true) 
I then decided to delete my social media accounts except my Missanimanga instagram as anime makes me happy.

During that time out I began to focus on myself and what it is that I wanted to do, what it is that I wanted to achieve, it gave me the chance to go back to the drawing board and prioritize what is important and what is not. It made me realise who my friends are , what are my passions , what is that one thing that makes me become me?  I realized that I was busy comparing myself to other people and that's what was making me sad.

 I swear , after I took my break I have achieved more things in these last 3 months its crazy. I passed my driving test, got a great job, have an  apartment that my fiance and I will be living in , better health I feel more confident and I have started photography again.


We get too consumed on social media and we forget that people only show us the things that they want us to see. People will post pictures of them and Bae and people will comment  ''awww relationship goals'' , but they wont tell you that Bae  is cheating or they are in an unhealthy abusive relationship.

Or you go on Facebook  & you see Sandra from college is off on another holiday to Dubaii and China  & start wishing to be like Sandra  as she always has so much fun and travels but actually you don't know  what she had to do to be able to get to travel . 

Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that people do bad things to get what they want , but all I am saying is Not everything that Glitters is Gold .

I guess what I'm trying to say is lets stop looking at other people's lives & comparing ourselves, yes its ok to be inspired and want to work hard to achieve things, but don't be sad if you don't have it yet as good things take time,and maybe you are meant to have something better.
When you start feeling bad ,depressed  or like a failure because your friends are doing something that you are not take a time out.. step back , evaluate what is making you feel like that if you can change the situation change it .
 If your friends getting better grades than you, or they are better than you in sports or studying, then I guess you know that you need to study harder or maybe you are just not that great in that subject, but you are amazing at photography.

We are not all good at everything but we good at something, take time to figure out what that is and become the best at it. 

I hope this has helped you and made you feel better. 

Thanks for reading..x

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