A time for change


Autumn... crisp cold air, golden , red and brown leaves, warm jumpers and a time to keep warm and be around the family and friends.

I love autumn it has to be my favourite time of the year yes because of the change of season , but I love the 'Cosy' feeling when you put on warm clothes .. you know that snuggly, warm and fluffy feeling its hard to describe , but its like sliding into fresh bedding when its warm and you just fall asleep type of feeling lol.

I also love this season because of the colours, I love the deep reds especially for lipsticks and overall being so lazy on the sofa, drinking hot chocolate with a marshmallows and cream , watching a Lord of the Rings Marathon on TV.

                 All Jumpers- Primark ||BarryM- Purple 303||Essie-Fair Game|Essie- Warm &Toasty Turtleneck

When I am not lazying around I honestly love to put on a woolen hat, red lipstick, jumper, boots and drag my hubby take a walk with me , being surrounded by nature and enjoying each others company, until we get tired or cold. I  appreciate nature and get to see things change. I normally like to go to the same parks which we would have visited during spring and summer so  we get to see how things have changed and I guess how we have changed.
How hubby behaves when he doesn't want to go.

These are my current faves , I know the nail polishes are  not really winter style but they cute and the Toofaced colour bomb lip tint is moisturizing and a lip plump too ..x
TooFaced Colour Bomb Red Tint - East wood Red Find here||BarryM- Boots||Essie||TKmaxx

 The last few month for me have been the most challenging , but I honestly think they have made me stronger and I have created a super THICK SKIN. This year has been crazy and I am forever thankful for the bad moments because without them, I wouldn't be here. 

Just like there is seasons throughout the year , there are also seasons in life. People come and go but they always teach you a lesson before they leave.One thing I can say I have learnt so much about people and  who my friends truly are. 
New Working Space .

I have learnt to watch who claps their hands when something great happens in your life. It will show who your friends are. Watch who sends their congratulations and the well done. 
I have understood that not everyone is going to be happy for you, especially when it comes to things like new job, new house , new car.  Not everyone is going to wish you well.

Not everyone is going to understand the decisions you make, but you have to believe in yourself... believe in your dreams and let them say what they want. Opinions are not facts ... everyone has an opinion but you have to let it go in one ear and out the other. I hate it when people think your life choices are crazy just because they don't understand why you are doing things the way you are .

Is this easy Hell No its hard to hear people tearing you down , laughing and it hurts to see who doesn't have your back. But without these bad moments we wouldn't grow. There is nothing wrong with changing. Just like seasons change , people change too for the better. 

I know this is different from what I normally write .. but hey change is good, I hope you enjoyed reading and took something from this post. Thank you for reading ...x 

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