Guide to a Productive Week.


Hey everyone, hope you all have had a wonderful Easter Break and shall be getting back to reality of the world of work , school and all that adulthood stuff. 

Anyway lets get to this post on being Productive this week.

Detox and let go of last weeks Negativity.

One thing I can say is that we need to let go of the things we couldn't do last week. Let go of the things that you couldn't do and focus on what you can do today, If you focus too much on the things you can't control you will lose track of the goal , plus time.

                                 Define this weeks goals (Realist Goals).

Have you heard the saying , Fail to Prepare, Prepare to Fail ? 

You must  know exactly what needs to be done , best way is to plan and you should set  REALISTIC Goals , things that you know can be done if you put your mind and heart into. 

 Setting realistic goals means you can focus all your energy and on the task and achieve it. 
Figure out exactly what needs to be done the most important ones first.

Action Plan

This is probably the most difficult because we all PROCRASTINATE  and that slows down the progress. 

Write  down the goal , set an alarm or DEADLINE of when it needs to be completed  and JUST DO IT. Plan the time scale  of how long you want to spend on each task & Don't stop until the task is done. 

                                                                    Be Kind 

    Whilst you are busy doing the work , things ca  get stressful , tempers go high and you might get frustrated causing you to end up saying something mean or being very unpleasant around others.

    Remember to take a deep breathe , relax and continue. Not everyone will understand the pressure you are under but just kindly let them know you are trying to focus and meet a deadline. People will understand. 

    Be kind to yourself too if you haven't met the deadline ,but you gave it your best. Just keep trying and start again, You are doing the best that you can.

                                       Get time out to plan of the following week.


    Once the tasks have been completed , take a break , reward yourself for your hard work and relax.  After the  weekend or when the task is done, start the whole process again.

    You can do anything you set your mind to. 

    Thanks for reading , be ready for more posts...x 

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    1. Good blog, i Procrastinate a lot. Im trying to stop this and is a little bit hard. Also the realistic goals is so true this combine with your future job. You have to study what you love to get a job that you will love. Great blog! New Follower on G+! Let's keep in touch!!

      Emmi -

      1. Its really easy to procrastinate , too many distractions , but once you set the goal and time scale its easy to get it done.
        Thanks for the love.. x

    2. Great entry! I have been procrastinating quite a bit this week but I do have an essay due on Friday so gotta push myself :P

      check out my BLOG: ♥ lazypandah blog (✪㉨✪) ♥

      1. You can do it ... best of luck ..x


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