Weekly Reflection & Favourites.


A wonderful weekend has just ended , a new week is about to begin , bringing more challenges, more moments of happiness , but mostly new hope & a fresh start. 

This week has been a challenge, mentally & emotionally , but it's over now , but here have been a few of my favourite things. 

Favourite Song;

Hmm nothing captured my ears this week, but did listen to Pink -just like a pill. Took me back , to my pre teen years. 

Favourite App 

Paperless Post & Snap Chat. 

Paperless post has been awesome , we currently looking for our wedding invitations & I think we have found the design we like & we shall order end of week. Fingers crossed!! 
Snap chat ..... Yeah been loving it , but I'm still learning & will post more often. 

Favourite Quote:

Favourite Show
Game of Thrones. ❤️

What I have learnt during the  week ;

3 things I have learnt are ;1. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail with everything especially with work, early nights = early to rise= breakfast = productivity level 100%.

I've also learnt that people will always complain no matter what you do. Always stay in your lane & do what's best for you. Always be kind a& understanding but don't let people walk all over you. 

Pick up your camera & start photography again , you enjoyed it & had a passion for it, stop leaving it to collect dust. 

What I look forward to this week ;

1.Showing you guys some pictures that I would have taken.
2. Wedding invitations picked & ready for printing/ purchasing.
3. Bridesmaid dresses designed  & ready to be made. 
4. Continuing my new routine& blogging. 

I have on purposely started putting my plans for the next week , so that I now have to do it as you guys will read them , & hold me accountable. I shall be doing this every Sunday. 
Thank you for reading I shall see you on my next post . 

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