Golden Time.


Anime has a variety of shows that are not just about action, or tragedy.  Although I love watching the serious, Action filled shows like Naruto, Shingeki No Kyojin; it is always nice to watch a slow paced anime.Again being trapped by the internet actually Instagram this time, I found Golden time and it wasn’t action packed , heart ferociously pumping due to the main character almost winning the fight and then plot twist, this did how ever take me on another ride  of emotions with major plot twist.  


Tada Banri our main character is seen entering University and on his first day he is lost, trying to make his way to his classes. He bumps into another guy Mitsuo Yanagisawa who is also lost and they try to find their way together. Whilst they are walking and getting to know each other Mitsuo explains he chose this university in order to run away from a childhood friend who has been stalking him and thinks that they are destined to live together happily ever after. Whilst they are discussing   her Koko Kaga comes up to Mitsuo and hit him with a bouquet of flowers letting him know she too has entered the same university. Banri quickly develops a crush on her. The trio become friends and meet other friends along the series but, there is something that Banri is hiding from his new friends that could turn everything upside down.


Anyone who knows me knows I DISLIKE HIGH SCHOOL ANIME/MANGA because in my own opinion they have too many love triangles and they are overly dramatic & that really annoys me. I know this anime and manga are based on student in University, but I was very sceptical, but oh my goodness I was happy this was just so entertaining. I loved the fact that it’s about Uni, it made me remember when I was at university, the friends that I made and all the fun I had. 

The storyline is ON POINT...10/10, it flows so beautifully and it’s HILARIOUS, honestly I found myself laughing so hard I had tears coming out and also feeling sad at times.  The writer did a great job on portraying friendship in University and showing that it’s a time of not just learning and getting a degree, but also growing as a person. We see the friends struggling with adulthood, love, and work and just discovering themselves which we can all relate to.

The illustrations, the animation itself is really great and all the character developments were done wonderfully. I honestly think KOKO is beautiful, although she is over dramatic and a typical stalker girlfriend that is in love, she is my favourite. I loved she was always honest about her feeling for she loved and I admired that about her.

Miss Animanga says

One thing I took from this Anime was to make as many memories as possible, work hard for what you want and yes things will NEVER always go to plan, something better is always going to happen. I also realised that you should always be true to yourself, and forgive quickly, life is too short. Oh yes and don’t be an over bearing, stalking girlfriend like KOKO.

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