Occultic 9 : Miss Animanga Review Ep 4-6


Hello Everyone, hope you are all well &keeping warm as winter is almost here, do keep warm & if indoors  its perfect for cuddles and well watching anime of course , dah!!😜

Today's Review will be on Occultic 9.

If you follow my channel on Youtube , you probably watched the previous review on this show, 
if not check it out . I will some-up everything that has happened  in the episode with each character since in this last few episodes.

Gamo senpai acting like nothing happened,  I guess he is trying to get back to normal  & everyone is casually chilling. This was weird for me because  why are they not asking Gamo about what happened at the office, they are the ones who sent him there!!

Kiri Kiri Basura is thriving due to the incident is great for his business, as everyone is interested in the occulting stuff since the mass suicide/ murder  so they are getting a lot of traffic.
Was hard to focus on his scenes, couldn’t help but be distracted by the fan service, she annoys me. 

 Mayu & Sumikaze ( the journalist), and they are talking about Kiri kiri basura blog Sumikaze hints that something written on the blogs is linked to the mysterious deaths.
Whats up with Sumikaze?  Keep an eye out for her guys, I feel something bad has happened to her.
Did you notice that when they were at the office and they ran out to go investigate the mass drowning   did you catch that there was no refection when she checked her face on mirror?

We finally learn who the ghost/ devil/ side kick of Aria
 (the girl who does black magic) is we get to see his face.

Sarai catches up to Yuta & says he isn’t mad at him and asks him about his father’s death if he has any clues as no one is telling him anything.

I was confused to why Yuta didn’t tell him about extracting the key from his fathers mouth why leave it out? He tells Sarai that his father left a dying message. We learn what Sarai's  father dying message is.
Yuta’s radio friend Zunko shows them clues on how to crack or find what the Code is.

Detective is snooping around everythwhere & visiting everyone. I love his personality.
Detective enters the cafe & starts asking Yuta  questions if he has ever removed molars before, & Yuta’s face collapses and he is sweating as he knows he is about to be busted, but detective leaves the cafe & doesn't ask further questions or arrest him, we still don't know why.

Episode 6 we got more of the plot, & characters interacting, major spoilers so i will skip those.
Yuta and his friends learn  about a cursed box called kotoribako that kills woman & children. The information  leads them to look at the manga to see that there is one at a shrine.
 Aria walks in and directs them to correct shrine, warning them to look out for a boy who has white hair, that creepy guy we last saw near Chi chan  .

There the group find an unpleasant surprise when they arrive and meet  the white hair boy, by a box covered in blood. 
( I will not reveal further as I do not want to spoil it, but its emotional). 
We are also introduced to a group of elites who want to be immortal by realising the soul from time allowing them to still be able to function & do stuff, I have a feeling they might be responsible for the mass murder.

Final scene well its a PLOT TWIST, didn’t see that coming at all , go check it out on my channel  below, leave comments below I want to know your thoughts & theories.

Thank you for still being here and reading my reviews ..x 

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