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Todays review is on why you all should watch Yuri on ice.

Yuri On Ice.. 

It’s about figure skating, our main character, Yuri  a Japanese figure skater after failing to win at the Grand Prix competition he decides maybe its time he retires as he is having mixed feelings about skating after being defeated in the competitions .

He decides to go home & visits his childhood friend at an ice rink, there Yuri copies a routine of his idol the famous Russian figure skater Victor, unaware that he is being recorded, the video goes viral & Victor sees the routine  & decides to go to Japan and become Yuri’s couch.

 This anime is everywhere on my timeline, Instagram, twitter ,saying its popular would be an understatement everyone is loving this anime & so am i.

Ok .. I feel most people are into this anime because of 

The amount of Nose bleeds I was having watching the show , Victor is so smooth , charismatic, charming , im serioiusly weak in the knees  I can’t hold my composure.

It brought a side out I never knew like full on fujoshi

The anime  has great characters & you get  to connect with them o develop with them via  flash backs  feel their pain , setbacks and they passion the development is fantastic you seem them  get better and better, reminding you it’s a serious comepetion but keeps you entertained by the comedy, its full of jokes and hilarious moments.

Miss Animanga says:

I was highly sceptical as don’t watch Sports or Yaoi anime lol but the hubby put it on and I was captivated by the theme song, its motivating, and uplifts the spirit, & the visuals are simple but go very well with the music.

The animation is fantastic, great attention to detail was paid, from the actions when skating, the sound effects so flawless, almost similar to the Olympics I forgot it was an anime, really well done. It is gracefully & beautifully, animated, the colours are so vivid.

Despite the Yaoi tension , its still a great show, its not too over bearing  or distasteful , its enough to make us ship the two.

Apart from the fan service this anime is about finding passion & being inspired to move forward .

One aspect I love is that its showing you the struggle, you have achieved the goal of being a figure skater, now maintain it, its showing that without passion & love there is no point in it all.  When passion is lost you have to find it back & this shows you how. Example victor he has lost the passion as everyone expects him to win, so he takes time out to rediscover the passion by helping Yuri & maybe he will return to skating.

Lesson Learnt:  
If you have passion in what you do, you will achieve the goal and find happiness.  If you are passionate you too can make history.

Corny but true, anyway I hope you enjoyed this review check out my channel
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