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Hello Anime and manga fans 

Hope you are enjoying the holidays with family and watching lots of movies over this Christmas break.

If you are looking for an awesome anime movie to watch with the family then I highly recommend the movie called Your Name. 

If you like Romance, body swapping , comedy and adventure , then this movie is for you.

 Kimi no na wa or Your Name , is a Makoto Shinkai production film.  This was my first time ever watching their work and honestly it was breathe taking. The story is about our  M.C Mitsuha, who lives in a rural part of Japan who is bored of her everyday life and wishes to live in Tokyo and Taki who lives in Tokyo.

One day they begin to switch bodies and live out each others lives for short periods of time at regular intervals. The two begin to have feeling for each other ,  then one day the body swapping stops
and the two begin looking for each other.

There is more to it than that, you have to watch it , I don’t want to spoil it but trust me there is more to this story.

The movie starts of funny and sentimental view at high school life and remembering your teenage years , your crush and al that high school drama and joys  it utterly captured me at that point.

It was  very charming sentimental love comedy which I loved  how they lived in each others bodies and how their personalities affected the others world.  

Yet midway, the movie turn more mystical & dramatic, but manages to keep the lighthearted tone.  And we are taken on this rollercoaster of emotions  especially of love and yearning to be with your lover but distance is the issue.

I did enjoy it but there where some  plot issues  like why are they able to swap bodies, there are many more plot holes and weird coincidences?  This does not  matter to me as it was a pleasure to watch.

The visuals were beautiful , Absolutely gorgeous. Tokyo  looked so real  , honestly I need to go to Japan asap, those visuals really made me want to go, see the real Tokyo. But they did a fantastic job as this adds to the FEELSSS omg especially on those emotional moments the scenery just added that extra tear  because you are absorbed in that scenery , its beautiful.

Miss Animanga Says

movie made me laugh, cry, get the goosebumps, and got me to the edge of my seat at some points. It really had great storytelling, pacing, characters, and emotions throughout. I loved it.
 That ending though!! OMG !! Tears were streaming down my face it was beautiful , they need to make a series of what happened next or a part 2 .

I loved the theme : musubi” – a word that describes coming together and growing apart, and flow of time and fate. It ties in to “red string of fate” which was seen through out the movie , the unbearable urge to find the one you’re destined to be with & live happily ever after.  That No matter where you are I will find you or I will be waiting for you , the feelssssss…

Anyway Check out the movie , thank you for reading. 
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