Yuri On Ice - Episode 12 Review.


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If you follow me on Social media , you will know i have been in-love with this anime.

This has been the one anime where I can say yes they gave the fans EXACTLY what they wanted 
and the story was delivered and executed flawlessly.

It will definately be one of my favourite shows this year I truly enjoyed it. 

I did a live reaction to me watching the last episode which you can watch it here
it was a very happy last episode , mixed feelings of happiness , joy & little sadness at its over 
(fingers crossed there will give us a 2nd season).

I wont be giving out any spoilers but I can say it all worked out in the end :) 

One thing i will be taking from this anime is that with passion, and believing in yourself anything can happen, you have the opportunity to make your dreams come true and i honestly truly, deep down believe that. 

I really related to Yuri when it cames to the self confidence. I realised that if i believe in myself i too can achieve greatness, Yuri had Victor and I have my hubby & great family and the anime community to keep me motivated and to achieve my dreams. 

Self confidence, hardwork , passion and love are the  keys for happiness. 

Believe in yourself guys :) 

You can watch my review on the link below:) I hope you all have a Merry Christmas xxo 

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