Ao-No Exorcist| Blue Exorcist Season 2.


After years of praying, hoping and patiently waiting for a season 2 of Blue exorcist &  finally, our wishes were heard.

Blue exorcist Season 2 is finally back on our screens and honestly,  it was awesome to see this show again after many years. I enjoyed the first episode and just from that 1 episode I can see that there have been major improvements. 

I loved the animation and art have improved a lot compared to the first series. The colors are more vivid, the animation has a great flow to it and everything is looking Awesome!!
The opening song and the music throughout were great. I hope this season lives up to everyone's expectations and doesn't disappoint us.

Although there has been a major development in the animation and the art some things have remained the same like our main character Rin. In the first episode I I loved Rin's determination, to save that kid and be a hero, it reminded me of why I loved Rin as a character, his ambitions and always wanting to prove himself.

It was also great to see that Yukio has not changed much either, he still is the realist one and tells his brother to chill. 

It was also great to see Bon, Shiemi and the rest of the gang, really nostalgic after so many years. I don't know about you, but I was completely caught off guard when the was gang is ignoring Rin because they have found out he is the devil's son. 
Yes crazy I know, I was like "wait didn’t we get past that like on the previous season"?  Everyone scared of him but Izumo, she just accepted him and cheered him up, Eyebrow girl, u r amazing  :)  It is unfair how they treated him have they forgot Yukio is the son of satan too, will he get the same treatment? 

 From what I understand, this season is going to adapt the manga, so this season will continue from Rin's rampage in season 1 and is continuing from there, we have to disregard everything we saw in season one after Rin had his rampage and all those other awesome things that happened. I guess it would explain why everyone is scared of Rin in this season. 

Unfortunately, I haven’t read the manga but I’m excited to see the season play out. I hope you are also enjoying this season on Blue Exorcist, let me know your thoughts :) 
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