Little Witch Academia | リトルウィッチアカデミア Episode 1 Review (First Impressions).


Konnichiwa Minna , hope you are all well :)

Its going to be spring break soon and I guess this means more free time and oh yes the spring anime season is upon us.

I know school can be a total drag and a bore, but hey  its not all gloom and doom . It could be worse, you could be a student  in a magic school of witches & you dont know how to use magic, ride a broom or casting a spell .

Just like Akko in Little witch Academia :) Follow her journey as she enters the world of magic to become a witch like her childhood hero Chariot.

So why am I excited ? 

They are  re-telling of the story- from the beginning rather than when we see met her already a student & this time it seems they are taking us on the journey  of Akko becoming a witch.

From previous ovas , its about a girl who wants to become a great witch like her childhood heroine, but unfortunately she has no magical powers & she is learning on becoming a great witch. 


We got a nice introduction to our main characters  Akko,  Lotte and Sucy
Akko , he is relatable main character excited to go to school, she is very  likeable & just lovely to see her following her dreams to become the best witch, like her childhood hero .

Suzie, she is quirky, funny and she seems to be more experienced with spells and magic. 

Lotte is the clumsy, sweet friend that is always there to lend a hand and be there for her friends 
I love all the characters  they are all very relatable.

 The animation and art, everything was perfect, it set a great tone to this show, its splendid, it's vibrant, and has a great flow.

I am loving Little Witch Academia because of the comedy: when the "Mean Girls " all laughed at Akko for saying she is waiting for the bus (there are no bus stops only broom stops as they all fly )

The other things that  I love is that show  is that it has  a little HARRY POTTER-ish feel to it .
  Akko being a non-skilled witch who has two friends who help her along, oh and her rival has blonde hair and has two sidekicks hmmmmm see my point lol

It answered some of my questions that I had from the fist time I watched it , so I’m really excited and for this season. 

Hope it lives up to its hype as its got great potential  potential .

There are  many shows to look forward to upcoming spring  season like Attack on titan , Berserk  and the highly anticipated Boruto!!!

Dont forget to check out my anime reviews on my channel, I shall see you on the next one ..x

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