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Konnichiwa Minna , Genki Desuka?

Mothers are the woman who does whatever it takes and sacrifice so much in order for their children to grow up with all the love they can offer. This mothers day I thought of a few great mums in the anime, these mums have helped some of our favourite characters to achieve greatness and achieve their destiny.

So this Mothers day I rounded up the top 5, and in number 5 is ...... 

Carla Yaegar 

Carla loved both her children and her husband dearly. She fears for her children’s  safety and tries to stop Eren from joining the Survey Corps. I also liked the fact that she treated Mikasa like her own daughter even though she wasn't her biological daughter, she treated them the same. She constantly worries about them, and when the time comes, she makes the ultimate sacrifice for her family.

Number 4.....

Trisha Elric | Fullmetal Alchemist

If your kids go to the extent of trying to resurrect you when you are dead, it means you were an amazing mum.
 She stayed with her kids and loved her husband straight until her death, even after he left, Trisha  spoke highly of him and knew he would come back someday. I loved how her kids loved her because they did everything to get her back.

Number 3.... 

Hana from Wolf Children 

I know Wold Children really isn't an anime, but its an animation movie, so it kinda counts :)
Hana was just amazing, hard-working and caring mum.
Despite becoming a mother to two half human, half wolf children at a young age and losing her beloved husband soon after, Hana bravely struggles to raise the two hyperactive and adorable kids. I love how when the movie ends she reflects on how well her kids are doing and that she has no regrets as she knows she did the best she can for her kids.
I think that's what all mums wish for that we all become great human beings :p

Number 2..... 

Sachiko from Erased 

It was a tie for number 1 and 2 because I really admire and they both deserve to be number ... 

Sachiko was a fantastic mum, she had a great eye for detail and a sharp intuition and believed in her son.
I loved how she was helped her son with Kayo as she was being abused by her mum. I loved how she so warm, welcoming and understanding. I really admired her and felt my heart warm up when she had Kayo stay over and took a bath with her. It was also really touching when Kayo began to cry as she felt the love of a mother from Sachiko as she never really experienced it.
I loved how dedicated she was as she took care of Satoru whilst he is in a coma for over a decade until the time that he wakes up. That's true love and dedication of a mother and her love for her child.

Number 1 .....

Kushina Uzumaki 

If you are a Naruto fan, you know and remember that when Naruto met Kushina was the best day of our lives lol Kushina Uzumaki is number one because of her love, sacrifice and dedication to her family.

She loves her family and deeply cared about her unborn son, showering him with all her affection after his birth. She gives up her own life to save her son from the wrath of the nine tail fox and takes on the fox's deathblow meant for her son. 

Kushina  seals her Chakra  in his body in order to give him guidance with the Kyuubi when the time is right, as well as to provide some of that motherly love that Naruto has lacked throughout his life. It was rslly awesome to see them bond and naruto get to hug his mother, i can still feel the happiness and sadness lol.

What do you think about this list? Do you agree that Kushina is number 1 mum? let me know in the comment section below.

I hope you all had a wonderful mothers day and spent it showing your mums that you love and appreciate her.

I shall see you on the next post ..x

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