Detoxing with Lemon , water & Cucumber.


Spring Cleaning, does that only mean cleaning the house or your closet? Well I personally don't like to think so, I always feel that spring cleaning also applies to my everyday life, especially my skin and my body.

Like many I am definitely  not beach body ready, I still have some of that comfort chocolate hanging on at the front of my belly, those rolls of chocolate cake are still there , I can see them especially when i sit down... Damn the struggle is real lol.

So I decided to stop complaining and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

I know that detoxing the junk food to healthier meals will not be easy so I am making small adjustment and replacing the pepsi cola's with water and smoothies. I really struggle with
drinking water, but my skin is currently looking dull so my number one hydrating drink I go
 to is

Lemon, cucumber,ice &water.

This combination helps the body flush out the toxins in the body.

I do enjoy this because it is refreshing and agree that it flushes out the toxins because in my personal experience I always find that a spot or two ok maybe 3 on my face.

I think those are some of those nasty toxins in my face .

I slice up the lemon and cucumber put them in the mason jar, add ice
then leave it over night. You might add some strawberries if you want a sweeter taste.

I also use some of the lemon juice to make a face scrub.

Squeeze the lemon juice into a cup  add sugar and honey, mix together then apply to the face.

I usually scrub the face for maybe a minute or two then I wash it off.
This leaves my face feeling squeaky clean and bright .

I then apply my moisturiser & I am done, then start preparing my lunch for work.

Disclaimer: This is what works for me & might be different for you

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