Is it me or is the weekend always goes by so fast and there isn't enough hours in a day?

I had been craving for sometime to catch up on my anime to watch list and I managed to start & finish RWBY in a week boy was that difficult , I literally had to sacrifice some sleep time XD.

Anyone who know me , understand how important my rest is as I am very cranky and moody without food or sleep & I just don't function very well, which reminds me of the girls in RWBY, anyway lets get to it. 

''As a girl, I wanted to be just like those heroes in the books... Someone who fought for what was right, and protected people who couldn't protect themselves''- Ruby Rose.

RWBY - Plot Line/ Summery.

Ruby Rose  lives in a world of Remnant where monsters called Grimm terrorise the people. In order to protect humans ,Huntsmen and Huntresses are trained to kill these monsters. Ruby is asked to join Beacon Academy to train to become a huntress which has always been her childhood dream, there she joins her older sister Yang, and are later joined by two girls Blake and Weiss.The four girls work as a team to fight monsters and criminals who are threatening the peace of their world.

I love it when girls look so Badass XD

 To being honest I didn't like this anime at the start because first of all it was in ENGLISH!! I know I' m being petty but to me anime sounds better in Japanese. The art was very different to what I am used to seing, it was very plain, not the usual style we are used to seeing on other anime and the biggest thing I noted was that some episodes were only 4 mins long , but I must say this anime was very enjoyable.

I did mention that some episodes at the start of the series were only 4 minutes or more but what made that epic was the fighting scenes, they were jaw dropping, eye opening, epic fighting scenes. Those are some of the best parts of this series, they are fantastic.

I love that the story focuses on Ruby and her interactions with the supporting characters. Every episode continues with the story and it flow well. The series  made Ruby and the other characters very relatable with the viewer.Some of the notable challenges are typical teenage issues that we have all gone through such as love, BOYS/GIRLS, studying , fitting in,discovering yourself & having the strength and confidence to fight bad ass bad guys.

There is only 2 seasons to this and we are waiting for season 3, as unfortunately the creator of the series Monty Oum died in February this year. Rooster Teeth the production company for RWBY has said the 3rd season for RWBY will be this year .

Miss Animanga Learnt : 

 Every character in RWBY series  had empowering traits that they showed , others are strong fighters whilst others were not good at fighting but were good at bringing the best out of their friends.Sometimes you might look at a person & think wow they are so perfect , they must have been born perfect , but actually behind the scenes this person just normal , they just have someone who knows their strengths and just directs them on how to be awesome. Just like Jaune in team JNPR.

He is the weakest fighter and seems clueless , but when it comes to battle , he  tells his team where to be and when to attack.
No one is perfect we all have  flaws but that's what makes us  human. 

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