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Hie Everyone,

Today's post will be more personal as I get to share a little bit of myself with you guys. Like I stated on my Instagram that I want to be able to connect with everyone more  switch things up with more lifestyle post and not just do anime reviews but let you know more about the person who watches anime and reviews it.

I want to share more about me . I am just a normal girl well.. young adult . I'm past my teens and not in my mid 20s haha- just in the middle.

 I don't just eat, sleep and drink anime (well not all the time) but I also am learning about the culture.
               I currently live in the UK and when I find anything to do with Japan I get very excited &
                 the best moments that stick out are when when I was able to read some Hiragana
                          for the first time and when I tried Ramen and Japanese beer.

 I shall share with you my journey of learning  the language, the culture in my own way  and hopefully encourage and inspire you too :)

Hi, You can call me MissAnimanga.

  • .Age : 22
  • Height- Eerrmm last time I checked I was 5ft 4.
  • I just graduated from University last year , and I studied Media and Journalism.
  • Job: I currently work as an Administrator.
  •  I  love taking Pictures.

  •  Favorite Music - Hmm anything that sounds good  from R&B , Hiphop, Jpop/ Kpop.Currently listening to : Superfly- Beautiful (I love it)  & Arigatou Forever by Nishiuchi Mariya. I also love kyary pamyu pamyu, and some AKB48 , SNSD, and some Girls Generation.

  •  Favorite food : Anything that's unhealthy. Especially all the crisps and snacks.I am inlove with these

  •  Favorite Restaurant : Wagamama's , Nandos, erm.. all the ones that have good yummie unhealthy food.
  • I don't have a favorite drink, I love smoothies, I don't like fizzy drinks. I rather have water.
  • I am sooo Laaazzy, But when I have to get stuff done I will do it.I am currently creating a schedule for my self and alarms on my phones to remind me what I should be doing when and where.
  •  I HATTTEE high school love triangle Manga. They really annoy me so much I literally throw the manga across the room or well close the app (lol). 
  • My First ever anime was Naruto and that was 4 years ago.

  •  I am a very positive and caring person. I think I always go the extra extra mile for everyone.
  •  I hate arguments and confrontations, I prefer happiness and all that warm and fuzzy feeling stuff.
  •  I would love to travel the world and my first stop would be Japan, then Indonesia.

  • I love watching Jdrama. I love Hotaru No Hikari. I haven't tried any Kdramas yet.
  •  I love Asian cosmetics because the packaging is always so cute and colorful, plus the face masks always leave my face feeling extra soft and clean. I must admit i always fall the packaging if its cute I will buy.
  • I am not into gaming , I really suck as video games and can only play fighting games on Xbox and that's the only thing I can do.
  • I am an optimist , I always look for the good in every situation and everyone.

 I love with life right now, I am learning to become a better person enjoying life and taking things as they come. My favorite quote is from Naruto when he says to Neji- If you don't like your destiny you can always change it.I try to live by this quote.

I feel I  have so much to share, but don’t know where to start? I have so many goals and plans for this blog, and I want to reach a point where I’m happy with the consistency and quality of posts.Please be patient with me and I won't let you down :) I'm excited and can't wait to be started.
I do hope you’re well and enjoyed reading this post & knowing me a little more!
Lots of love,
                                                                   Miss Animanga

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