''Sometimes bad things happen whilst trying to achieve your dreams to distract us from achieving , you can either cry and give up or, put on your big girl/boy pants and chase that dream, cry when you have achieved your dreams.''- MissAnimanga.

Hello Minna

Have you every watched something that everyone was talking about .. then  you land on a page where you read a spoiler , but because you kind of know what will happen you are forced to just watch?

Well this happened to me like  2 months ago with Akamegakill. I just started the first episode and was like ok , lets see how this goes, I found myself on the feels train  with my heart aching a few times and I literally had no-one to blame because I knew what will happen lol.. Akamegakill is on another level for playing with your emotions.

PLOT/ Summery -

In a world where the Empireis being ruled by a young boy, who is being manipulated by the prime minister believing he is doing a great job of ruling the country when  it is the opposite as many people across the country are starving and are unhappy. We meet Tatsumi a skilled fighter who is on his way to the Capital to become a soldier so he can send money back to his village which is in a bad economic state due to high tax prices they have to pay to the emperor. Tatsumi and his two friends make their way to the capital but they get separated after a group of people attack them, they agree to meet in the capital.  Tastumi arrives at the Capital, and goes to try and enlist to the army but is sent away, he gets his money stolen from him and ends up sleeping on the streets.

How cool does that look??
A noble girl feels sorry for him and asks him to stay at their home, he soon finds out that the family are being attacked by a group of most wanted bandits called Night Raid . As he tries to protect the noble girl, Tastumi is told that the family kill foreigners just for fun by pretending to help them and he sees his two friends who have been tortured by the girls family.

After learning how horrible the capital is Tastumi joins the Nigh  Raid to assassinate the corrupt people in government and the emperor.

I think I was 50/50 because I had read a spoiler about how it ends so I  already knew what would happen, but I didn't know what was going to hapen in the middle. I will say this..... .... DO NOT.. I REPEAT DO NOT GET ATTACHED TO ANYONE.

Nobody is safe, it felt like I was watching Game of Thrones and was always on the edge, but that's because of the action it is so good, the fighting scenes are Awesome they really did a great job, the storyline is also good, there are some parts were you are the WTF?? how is that possible and somethings you don't see them coming.

 One thing I noticed which many people complained about this anime was the comedy being placed in sad situations. If I'm being honest it didn't bother me as much because without putting a spoiler i can say that they just have no time to be mopping around being sad, they have a job to do, so put on your big girl/boy pants , crack a jock and keep it moving.
 Oh and also why is it called Akamegakill, when most of the attention is on Tatsumi??

MissAnimanga Says:

One thing I took from this anime , was that sometimes bad things happen when you are on your journey to achieve something great, something amazing, and have two choices, sit down, cry & give up or you can accept the situation, put on your big girl / boy pants, find a good thing about the situation and keep it moving , because if you don't you will not achieve your goal.
I know it sounds cruel and harsh but its true.

Until the next anime review guys
take care

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