Life Update


Hey Everyone

So sorry for the long absence , life got crazy and it doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

October was my favourite month of 2015 .. actually NO all of 2015 has been amazing , I have been truly blessed & I pray for many more amazing days on earth.

So what have I been up to ... 

Hmmmm October.. My hubby & I got married ... yes I am now a MRS (happy dance). It was just a registry office thing and will be doing the dream wedding next year so we are currently wedding planning. Its taking almost 70% of my time and honestly its overwhelming. I really wanted to document it but ... don't know how to or if it would link to my blog. 

My work load at work has tripled and am constantly swamped. The year is about to end so the work load triples and honestly I can't say I hate it but I don't love it. Its making me grow and I feel more confident. Weird I know but I know what I mean. I get to wear heels .. smarter clothes almost everyday, attending meetings  and becoming the woman I always wanted to be when I go to work.  Its just a big change for me and I like it.

 I'm not sure what I really want from this blog. I am just evaluating everything. I still love anime and stuff but I just don't have as much time to watch and review. I feel that I am growing and have so much to share but not sure how to share. It also doesn't help that I am shy , private & not really comfortable showing my face to the world. Its not that I think I'm Ugly or anything but I just like to be mysterious.

I also struggle with many anime and Manga  because .. well I don't relate to many of them. I'm not into complicated love triangles they stress  me out , Hell NO to High School anime/ manga because they are the worst for love triangles. Yes I could watch something action related but ..meh nothing is catching my eye right now.
I will be back soon i just need to review everything and plan it all out. Sometimes taking time-out and getting inspired again helps.

Until next time guys ...x

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