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 I love reading Manga as it allows me to use my Imagination  from time to time, but if there is an Anime version best believe I am watching rather than reading. 

Sometimes I  prefer reading than watching because the watching takes ages and I have no time to Binge watch the series as I have to use the weekends to wedding plan and all this grown up adult stuff.

I remember a few months back when I said I am struggling with Manga because I can't seem to relate to the high school love triangles that stress the heck out of me . I would read the action packed manga but love watching the action over imagining the fights adding the sound effects in my head like ugh soo..I rather watch Anime.The only option on I had was to read the Josei manga.

Josei is for mature adults or woman which I belong to .. I am now married so yea lets read more about that instead of all that high school drama. I am glad to be past high school and all that hormonal stuff.

Anyway here are a few that I have been reading 

 I enjoyed this Manga , it shows the need to find a balance between         work,life & love. Its also available on DVD as it's been turned into an Anime.
Buy it from here  

Diamond Life- (Contains Adult scenes)

Bride of the Water God
I really enjoyed these three , but I didn't finish Bride of the Water God because well.. it got on my nerves, like I understand true love isn't easy , there is obstacles and all that jazz but this was just  annoying, from the start and especially the middle it was just getting ridiculous so I skipped to the end chapter. 

I enjoyed Diamond life but, one thing that I have realized is majority of these manga series the typical story of "Poor girl'' meets "Rich cold hearted Millionaire they dislike each other then they fall in love & all that lovely stuff, which is great but just too cliche.
Hataraki Man stood out for me because it was about a woman loving her job , but too focused on her work  , and her love life slowly fizzling out. There should always be a balance in everything .

I know I am very difficult person to please , but i just don't like watching or reading something that I don't learn anything from.

Anyway I hope you can check those out and let me know what you think .

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  1. Tokio Style looks interesting! I should give that a try :D


    P.S. I'm inviting you to my giveaway! I hope you join it :D

    1. Its really good, I tried watching the anime but never finished it :( I will be checking it out soon...x


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