Hey everyone, its Wednesday Woohoo !!, the weekend is upon us and I am excited because I will be  going to meet up with an old friend of mine and I am also excited because I will traveling by Train.
To be honest the train journey to her city is exiting because when I was in high school I would sometimes skip school and catch a train and meet up with her and we would relax by a park all day until home time agghh... good ole days.

Speaking of trains I came across the anime Baccano and goodness me, this is one train journey I wish to never experience.

Plot/ Synopsis

In a ship in 1711 a group of Alchemists are given  the secret to become  immortal through an elixir by a demon was summoned. One of the Alchemists (Szilard), becomes greedy and wants to know how to recreate the elixir ,many of  the alchemists agree that it shouldn't be recreated. That night many of the alchemists are devoured by Szilard for opposing him, the last surviving  scatter across the world as they see Szilard as a threat. Fast forward to the modern day in 1930, Szilard successfully recreates the elixir , but unfortunately has it stolen from him and is desperate to get it back. At the same time, the mafia families the Gandor and the Runorata family are at war over territory. Luck Gandor ask their  adoptive brother Claire Stanfield, the legendary assassin to come to New York, to assassinate their enemies  he agrees as he works as a train conductor on the train going to New York. Whilst the train is in motion, it gets highjacked by the Russo and Lemure gang.  They start attacking each other and Jacuzzi and his gang try to protect the passengers along with the two thieves Issac and Miria.

The cast

Phew that was hard to write without revealing too much spoiler and information. If I am being totally honest, this anime is like a big jigsaw puzzle, it has major plot twists, and if you blink or move for 5 secs you will lose it. It's just a brilliant anime and OMG did you know that the writer of Baccano also wrote DURARARA!!! 

So if you enjoyed DRRR ypu will looooove this anime.  I really am surprised that it isn't that popular because this is genius insane level, the comedy and the storyline are great. The character back stories are good because you get to know everyone and their history,  my favourite people  are Issac and Miria , honestly those two are hilarious. I also love this anime because of how they are all linked, how everyone's actions effect everyone and its so creatively done .

NOTE:  There are many characters so it may get confusing , so on the opening of the anime, pay attention to the characters , that's how you know who is who. Also it is fairly gruesome and violent but a wonderful anime.

Miss Animanga Says:  

If you love, plot twists, action, comedy and adventure anime, then this is a must watch for you. I rate it at 10/10.

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