Kyōkai no Kanata-Beyond the Boundary - 境界の彼方



Konnichiwa Minna 

Hey everyone , today I feel  really refreshed and energetic I think maybe I really had a long rest as in the UK it was a bank holiday so we had 3 days off and I caught up with family , sleep,anime and it was my Birthdayyyyy!!!
Anyway Beyond the boundary caught my eye and was on my to watch list so I gave it a go and honestly I  was surprised how good  the art and the storyline was, it was really catchy. 

If you loved Norigami & Bleach this anime is for you .


High school student (Akihito Kanbara) sees fellow student (Mirai Kuriyama) trying to commit suicide by jumping off the school building and runs to her rescue. When he reaches her and convinces her to step away from the ledge, she stabs him with a sword she made from her own blood and to her surprise he doesn’t die as he is immortal.

I was like oh this is interesting; I mean how did she make a sword from her own blood?? And why doesn’t he die? I guess I was hooked from that moment on. It turns out that Akihito Kanbara is "half youmu" which is the child of a creature called a youmu and a normal human being which gives the ability to never die, Mirai Kuriyama is a spirit world worrier who protects human from being affected by the Youmu.  The two students form a friendship based on Kuriyama using Akihito as practising killing Youmu as she is not yet confident in killing but why is she fixated on him, is there more to this girl than what she is showing.

 I enjoyed the comedy aspect of this anime and the art is remarkable really eye catching, I also enjoyed the action side, because I am a sucker of action, fighting skills and badass girls. On the other hand I feel the story line had serious holes and towards the end I felt that it was a little rushed and left  with so many questions.
I truly hope there is a second season as we have a back story for each character and it will be a good watch it really has good potential. Beyond the boundary does have an ongoing manga so maybe I will catch the manga.

MissAnimanga says: 

Hmmm the one thing I took from this anime was that everyone has a past, and although we might think that people are never going to understand what we go through, sometimes we need to stop and see who is actually always there for us no matter what, who is always willing to listen and you will find that they are the people who understand us the most and know us more than we know about ourselves, maybe because they have been in that situation before.

Rating : 5/10

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