Kiseijū: Sei no Kakuritsu- Parasyte the Maxim


Konnichiwa Mina-san.. Genki desuka?

Last week I know I was telling you all how scared I was of watching the anime Parasytes, so I decided to watch it with my hubby and honestly it wasn't as scary I am frankly embarrassed by the fact that I said it look scary. I truly enjoyed it because the storyline was just wonderful.

Series Overview.

 Parasytes are creatures which invade human bodies by taking over the person via the brain. The becomes that person and begin feeding on other humans. Our main character high school student Shinichi Izumi wakes up from finding a parasyte trying to crawl up his nose then again in his hand trying to reach the brain but ends up , it digs into his arm. The following morning when he wakes up he find that his hand now has been taken over by the parasyte which he names Migi and the two find themselves having to  co -exist. They  find that they are the only ones who co-exist as other parasytes have taken full control and they want to kill  Izumi-kun and Migi. When discovering that the Parasytes are killing innocent humans Izumi-kun decides that he needs to stop them , whilst Migi doesn't see anything wrong with his kind doing all they can to survive.


Will Migi and Izumi-kun ever reach an understanding of one another and meet in the middle or will they end up well... Killing each other?

I loved this anime it's by far my most favourite anime this year so far it's on the number one spot 👍I loved the character development for both Migi and Izumi. Throughout the series I think many people also noticed how the personalities of Migi and Izumi-kun switched and I was like Omg did that just happen? Did he just say that? Or did he just do that? You can see the development in each episode and that's what made me love this anime.

 There were times I honestly felt like my heart was breaking  & times I laughed to hard I nearly cried, the mixture of serious moments and humour were done very well I think that's what made this anime very enjoyable. OK the graphics were 10/10,  I mean they look scary at first but after a few episodes you get over it & I think they did a great job portraying the parasites. 

The ending of this Anime was just one of the best I have ever watched because it had me holding my heart and without revealing any spoilers I can tell you that the Feels wave is soo strong have a box of tissues. 



I highly recommend this Anime I don't think people are hyping over it enough. 10/10

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