Oriental Snacks.


Hey everyone, how are you? I must say I am very happy as for the last week it has been pleasantly warm in the UK it finally feels like spring has sprung and I can officially start getting ready for the warm weather.
It really has been so warm I actually took a walk throughout the weekend, without needing a coat and an umbrella , can you believe that? Those who of you who live in the UK know what I am talking about. Any way I found myself in the City of Sheffield on Saturday and I must say I can across this an Oriental  supermarket called Tai Sun Oriental , although it was small I was so excited and dragged my friends into it.

I was so happy because I had run out of my supply of Japanese instant noodles, Oishi crackers and the delicious green tea.  To me these shops make me feel like a kid during Christmas and I really get excited when I see Japanese products, like Hello Kitty, sushi rice, ,pocky,Japanese green tea and the kawaii sweets, man I get happy.

Although I didn’t have enough money and time at that moment to look around I picked out a few things that I was craving. When pay day comes round in a few week I am defiantly going back to do my monthly shopping. I was happy to actually find an Oriental supermarket because well I never see them around my town and I have to go to big cities to find them, so to me it’s always a must when I visit a big city I must find the Oriental supermarket. 

Anyway these are some of the things I got and I am currently eating as I try studying Japanese. I also listening to some Jpop, it gets me motivated to study.

These Tako chips in seafood flavour are just lovely, although I don’t taste the sea food part but they still so good, おいし .

This green tea is the bomb , I love love it, I find that green tea really does speed up my metabolism as after I finish having for example my dinner and had some green tea after maybe 30 minutes I felt hungry, I think I already have a fast metabolism but this makes it even faster.  I am not trying to lose weight, but if you are this is the tea to get.

Well that's all I have to share with you guys , but when I go back shopping I will buy more stuff and maybe review the products.I know these are mainly snacks but , yes I am always eating and they are my favourite snacks. What are yours? Until next time Minna san ..x 

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