No Game No Life


Hey everyone,

Are you good at playing games? Which games are your favourite?

Ok so Finally it is the weekend,  week has been such a drag and just too many things happening i just am happy that I can relax. All work and no play really does make me moody and when I watched this anime it made me feel relaxed and was a joy :).

 I know I am behind, and most of you all have watched No game no life, and many have said its amazing I just thought its just people over rating another show again and ,I finally understood why may of you love it.


The Manga/ Anime, follows two siblings Sora and his step- sister Shiro , who are undefeated gamers and work together using the name BLANK.  One day, they get challenged to play a chess game and the siblings win & they get an invitation/ summoned by this player (who turns out to be the God of Games) to come and live in a world were everything revolves around games. They agree and find themselves in the Kingdom of Elkia, and they begin their quest of maintaining they undefeated title in all the games in the new world.

God of Games.

Ok, so the first thing I can say is that this anime really showed me how lame I am at games, i really am the worst game player ever, not even card games, lets not even talk about Xbox or Nintendo hahaha, when I do win it is by luck or maybe they feel sorry for me & let me win. When i watched Sora and Shiro it was fantastic because they both are talented, Shiro she is good at logic and calculations whilst Sora is good at strategic and reading people when playing, so yea they are
(hashtag WINNING).

No game no life did open my eyes to so many games & I loved how the two siblings interacted with each other. It was great to see that they are a team, and when one cannot do something the other is right beside them to help them out.I also noted that many people said this anime is Hentai but i didn't realise, because I am very slow and I don't notice things that are apparently obvious.

The graphics in this anime are just vivid and very colourful the presentation and its not a rushed  anime. I couldn't look away,  the storyline is enjoyable,  and the comedy is there but  I wish there was more back story on the siblings, maybe its in the Manga i don't know as I haven't read it.  I see why many love it and I am excited for Season 2 , I do recommend this anime guys check it out.

PLEASE NOTE this anime is not just about games or playing them , It actually a logical, strategic mind-blowing show if you are into that kind of strategy thinking type of anime then this is for you.


I really enjoyed this anime and what I took from this anime was that if you have a person that believes in you and wants to help you grow and become a better person stay very close to them. I really loved the siblings's attitude towards games, they always wanted to learn and more importantly they believed in themselves even if things were hard, even if they were apart they know that no matter what someone has their back.

Thats it for today Minna :)
Until next time keep on believing, working and achieving ...x

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